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What Exactly Is A flexReceipt?

flexReceipts digital receipts are a smarter, more engaging alternative to standard email or flat, PDF and paper receipts. flexReceipts are easily customizable to include compelling personalization, loyalty incentives, dynamic product recommendations, valuable coupons, shopper surveys and much more. With hundreds of millions of in-store transactions, flexReceipts can also provide valuable consumer insights to help retailers build richer customer profiles for their omnichannel and retargeting programs.


+ Use our best practices to collect emails from up to 75% of shoppers

+ Capture 25% more valid emails with flexReceipts compared to loyalty and other programs

+ Add real-time email validation for even greater accuracy


+ Segment customers by loyalty status for increased activation

+ Drive incremental purchases with timely promotions and personalized product recommendations


+ Gain a 360 view of your shoppers with real-time, in-store transaction data

+ Attribute online Facebook and Google advertising to offline in-store purchases


Hover over each section of the sample dynamic receipt below to learn more.

Tap on each section of the sample dynamic receipt below to learn more.

Build Loyalty

Loyalty Messages Encourage Participation + New Activations

Promotional Events & Banners

Main Banners Highlight Promotional Events + Loyalty Opportunities. Calendar Events with Simple Links

Shopper Surveys

Solicit important shopper feedback.

Clickable Product Images & Links

Increase eCommerce Traffic + Repurchasing with Clickable Product Links + Images

Ratings & Reviews

Drive Reputation + Sales with Product Ratings + Reviews

Service Plans & Subscription Highlights

Promote Subscriptions, Service Plans + Warranties with Convenient Callouts

Dynamic Barcodes

Dynamic Barcodes Allow for Easy Order Recall

Personalized Product Recommendations

Personalized Product Recommendations Encourage Repeat Purchasing

Campaign Banners

Lower Banners Highlight Important Campaigns and Drive Additional Conversions

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Add even more dynamic content to your flexReceipts. flexReceipts easily integrates with your third-party providers.


+ White Glove Support

Does your team lack the time or bandwidth to fully leverage our capabilities? Allow our experts to take your post-sale engagement and results to the next level.


+ Product Recommendations

Capture your customer’s attention with highly relevant product recommendations immediately after purchase.


+ Ratings + Reviews →

Increase the number of ratings and reviews on your retail website. Enhance your digital receipts to generate more feedback, improve product perception and drive incremental sales.


+ Triggered Journeys

Are your post-purchase shopper communications helping to build relationships and boost sales? Let us design optimal post-purchase journeys personalized to your shoppers’ interests.


+ Coupons + Offers

Allow flexReceipts to dynamically personalize the content of your eCommerce receipts and unify the online and in-store post-purchase experience.

+ Email Validation

Concerned about high bounce rates and less than stellar engagement? Use real-time and back-end email validation to validate your data and amplify the effectiveness of your outreach.


+ Shopper Feedback →

Increase survey responses and capture more insights about your customer’s in-store experiences.


+ Facebook + Google Offline Attribution

Wondering if your digital ad spend is leading to in-store sales? Offline attribution provides important visibility into how your Facebook and Google ads are translating into purchases.


+ Loyalty Activation

Execute timely campaigns via digital receipts to drive in-store traffic, profile enhancements, loyalty activations, voice of the customer incentives, bounceback promotions and more.


+ New Audiences

Allow flexReceipts to dynamically personalize the content of your eCommerce receipts and unify the online and in-store post-purchase experience.


Let us build a sample receipt for your business.

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“flexReceipts positions Shoe Carnival to be more customer-centered, and gives them receipt options that align with the way they want to shop.  Additionally, smart email receipts are proving to be highly engaging and an excellent tool for converting customers into our Shoe Perks loyalty program.
— David Groff // Vice President, Administration and Business Development at Shoe Carnival
“flexReceipts has been the most successful IT initiative for the retail business this year and a key foundational block in our omnichannel strategic plan.
— Rob Lauzon // Director, IT Omnichannel Solutions at 5.11 Tactical