Reduce Bounce Rates

Increase Engagement

Ensure Data Quality


Concerned about high bounce rates and less than stellar engagement? Shoppers often provide retailers with second or third-tier email addresses used for filtering out marketing messages. So, how can you stay out of the wrong inbox and ensure a higher engagement and open rates for your communications? flexReceipts offers front-end/real-time and back-end email validation. Up to 75% of today’s customers opt-in and provide their best email address in return for digital receipts. Our Email Validation service will help to keep your email list data deliverable and compliant by capturing and validating your customers’ primary email addresses at the point of purchase while also cleaning and helping to maintain the integrity of your entire database.


Capture Valid Data from the Start and Clean Up Your Existing Email Records

+ Reach customers at the email they check most frequently

+ Reduce bounce rates due to invalid emails

+ Remain compliant with CAN/SPAM, CASL, GDPR and other applicable regulations

+ Protect your domain from being blacklisted

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Seamless enablement for existing flexReceipts customers.

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Identify and update bad emails in real-time.

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Remove invalid addresses from your lists and prevent bounces.



Reduced bounce rates to less than 3.5% and improved deliverability.


flexReceipts can help you make sure that the email addresses you send to are both valid and actively monitored.

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Learn how our Email Validation service can protect your company and maximize your engagement.

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